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On July 19, 2021, Nirogjeevan Foundation was initiated through a team of friends and family with firm enthusiasm to transform contemporary society and build a healthier and better India for the future. We put incessant efforts to eliminate the despair, hardships, struggles faced by the people. Our foundation pays attention to strengthening livelihood, education, and food. Our organization aims underprivileged, economically weaker sections. We want to work for every needy person irrespective of factors such as age, religion, gender, caste-creeds, skin color or be it any geographical boundary. We have worked for the welfare of slum areas residents, people living under the bridge, beggars, and many others.

Human well being is the biggest objective for us. And in that, we primarily work for those people and children who are deprived of basic health facilities. We are working tirelessly to fulfill basic needs like health, education and food. We endeavor to bring positive changes in the lives of the deprived, poor, exploited, and disadvantaged sections of society. We are happy that our small efforts have increased the scope for significant change and improvement of the standard of living of the needy people, kids, and economic weaker section of the society.

Children’s Care


Protect Planet

Small Effort Make Big Change

We are ready for provide better service to make the world a much healthier and happier place to be.
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Nirogjeevan Foundation volunteers are self-motivated people of all ages and from different walks of life who give of their time and resources to make positive difference in the lives of children. Come, be a Nirogjeevan Foundation volunteer.
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Your donation powers the Red Cross response to nearly 64,000 disasters a year nationwide, providing shelter, food, emotional support and other necessities to those affected


A comprehensive Food Supply
Programme providing Hunger Survival Kits
to children and families in urban
slums & rural areas across 22 states of India
So far, we have provided 10 million meals. Our aim is to provide 25 million meals.
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An initiative to take primary healthcare
to the doorsteps of the less privileged
children and families and promote a
health-seeking behavior among them.
At present, 1 million people are benefitting from our health services. We aim to reach 2 million people.
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In 2021 donations from India transformed the lives of more than

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